Ökosil Ltd is an environmental company, founded by the Republic of Estonia and Silmet Grupp Ltd with the purpose to manage large environmental projects just as Sillamäe Radioactive Tailings Pond Remediation and to provide other environmental management and monitoring related services.
Ökosil Ltd has departments in Tallinn and Sillamäe and accredited environmental monitoring laboratory at Sillamäe.
We provide following services:
  1. Management of environmental remediation and restoration projects;
  2. Environmental consulting, incl.:
  • Procurement of environmental permits and licenses,
  • Arrangement of environmental impact assessments and environmental audits,
  • Management of environmental technology development projects,
  • Planning and performance of the environmental monitoring.
3.       Environmental monitoring – sampling, field measurements, lab analysis, incl.:
  • Surface, ground and waste water: measurement of electrical conductivity, determination of total nitrogen, sulfates, fluorides, chlorides, nitrates, nitrites, ammonium and the total phosphorus, determination of content of metals by flame atomic-absorption method, determination of suspended matter, determination of dry matter, biochemical and chemical oxygen demand, рН value.
  • Ground and waste water: determination of ammonia (titrimetric determination).
  • Ambient air and emission gases: determination of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (photometric determination).
  • Ambient air, air at working places: determination of HF and soluble fluorides, determination of dust.
  • Air at working places: determination of soluble fluorides (F-), measurement of HF and ammonia.
  • Emission gases: determination of ammonia definition (photometric determination), determination of fluoride, sulfur dioxide, dust and nitrogen oxides, determination of content of lead in air and emission gases by flame atomic absorption method, determination of ammonia.
  • Physical factors: measurement of noise, temperature and humidity of indoor air, measurement of illuminance, measurement of velocity of air.
  • Aerodynamical measurements: measurement of velocity and gas volume of gases in a gas flow.
  • Radiation measurements: measurement of equivalent dose rate of gamma and x- radiations, measurement of concentration of radon in air, determination of concentration of long-lived alpha radioactive aerosols in air, measurement of radon exhalation.
  • Sampling.
4.       Geotechnical monitoring :
  • Inclinometric field measurements
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