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Groundworks begin on the Sillamäe Tailing Pond


AS ÖkoSil Ltd. and AS Aspi have signed a contract for excavating and re-locating ca 500,000 cubic metres of oilshale ashes and ground in the Sillamäe Tailing Pond yesterday. Some of the ground will be re-used on the Tailing Pond while the rest will be pla

The contract was awarded in an international tender between six bidders. Both the technical solution and the financial bid were evaluated. The winning bid was made by AS Aspi, a contractor of road-building and groundwork services. The works will be financed by the EU Phare aid programme.

Groundworks are scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2001.

Mr Tõnis Kaasik, managing director of AS ÖkoSil Ltd., said that the completion of the abovenamed works would launch Stage 1 of the Sillamäe Tailing Pond Remediation Project, i.e. the stabililisation of the dam.

“It will be followed by the construction of the pile grillage, shore protection embankment and a diaphragm wall which will begin in the spring 2001,” said Mr. Kaasik.

The Sillamäe remediation project is managed by AS ÖkoSil, a public-private partnership company established in 1998 by the Estonian State and the Silmet Group.

According to the technical design project prepared by the German company Wismut GmbH, the project will be carried out over seven years. The total cost of the remediation project is 312 million EEK (20 million EUR).

Grant financing for the project is provided by the EU Phare, NEFCO, Governments of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Additional financing will be provided by the Estonian Government from the Nordic Investment Bank long-term environmental loan for Estonia.

Once the remediation is completed, the Sillamäe Tailing Pond will be the first environmentally remediated and recultivated uranium site in Central and East Europe. It is the biggest environmental remediation project in the history of Estonia.

For additional information, please contact:
Raimo Jaaksoo – Project Co-ordinator, AS ÖkoSil Ltd., Tel. 6462 984;


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