The purpose of environment monitoring of the Sillamäe Radioactive Tailings Pond and its prospective sphere of influence is supervision over a state of Radioactive Tailings Pond environment and spheres of its influence, its possible important changes, and, simultaneously, an estimation of efficiency of the done remediation  works.
Environment monitoring is all-the-year-round activity. At data gathering it is necessary to guarantee them system, sequence (constancy) and safety. At the same time the system of monitoring of environment should be flexible, developing further together with growth of knowledge. During monitoring authentic, long-term and high-quality numbers of the data are created, whether which give the chance to estimate the closing project of the Sillamäe Radioactive Tailings Pond and the reached effect of the project is sufficient in the field of protection of environment.
For an estimation of efficiency of the performed remediation works and for surveillance of the Radioactive Tailings Pond and a state of environment in its area of its influence the two-phase monitoring program of Sillamäe Radioactive Tailings Pond is prepared. 1 phase of the monitoring program was an integrated part of the remediation project itself, which carried out in 2002-2008. 2nd phase of the monitoring program, which is the post-remediation monitoring, was started in 2009. The purpose of the post-remediation monitoring is surveillance of the Sillamäe Radioactive Tailings Pond and its areas of influence, recording of essential changes and assessment of the efficiency of the accomplished remediation works. During the post-remediation monitoring radiating safety of the site is also under attention in order to deepen the public confidence regarding the safety of site.


  General concept
  Dam stabilisation
  Trench and diaphragm wall
  Interim cover
  Surface reshaping
  Final cover
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