Trench and diaphragm wall


Diaphragm wall, combined with a trench was constructed along the southern dam of the tailings pond with the aim to prevent ground and surface waters from the hinterland from entering the tailings deposit.
Detailed design of the diaphragm wall was completed in July 2002. Construction was completed in February 2003.

Excavation of the diaphragm trench.

View of the trench from the East.

Ca half million cubic meters of oil shale ash were removed from trench area and placed into interim cover of the pond before further excavation works.

Eastern end of the trench.

Jan Vrijen, Raimo Jaaksoo ja
Jüri Mitt at work inspection.

View of the trench towards West.

Excavation of the diaphragm wall pit.

Impermeable wall is constructed of the bentonite and cement mixture.

  General concept
  Dam stabilisation
  Trench and diaphragm wall
  Interim cover
  Surface reshaping
  Final cover
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