Dam stabilisation


        In order to stabilize the tailings pond dams, there  was in 2001-2003 constructed: shore protection, pile grillage and diaphragm wall, combined with a drainage trench.
There was a few hundred meters long shore protection already constructed in 1997 for protecting the most endangered section of the shoreline.

Shore protection

Pools, formed between initial shoreline and old shore protection, were to be filled.

The height of new shore protection embankment’s crest varies between 4.1 and 4.5 meters; new embankment stretches along the entire tailings pond seaside perimeter with total length of ca 1 kilometer.
Shore protection construction started with reconstruction of the existing shore protection embankment in late autumn 2001. Construction of shore protection was complated in spring 2002.

A temporary platform was established in the sea for the excavator.

Representatives of constructor, designer and construction supervisor at the site.

Shore protection construction.
Placement of geotextile and filtration layer. View from the East.

Completed shore protection in summer 2002.

Piles' drilling.

Close-up of a pile. Altogether 455 piles with 60 cm diameter and 15...18 meter depth were placed in the pile grillage.

  General concept
  Dam stabilisation
  Trench and diaphragm wall
  Interim cover
  Surface reshaping
  Final cover
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